Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Nashua is a Great Tech Spot"

A recent article by the Nashua Telegraph, entitled Yaris hailed as a ‘Big picture thinker’, talks to the importance of a business location especially for startup companies. Ben Yaris, of startup company Forcivity, is featured in the article on their big move to Nashua, NH to @ Gateway Hills recently.

Ben Yaris, CTO of Forcivity was quoted saying,
“Being in Nashua gives me the ability to get that talent. I like Nashua personally because it’s centrally located. It’s north of Boston and it’s south of Manchester. I feel that gives us the best 20-, 30-mile radius around for developers or engineers or salespeople. I think Nashua is a great tech spot.” - Nashua Telegraph

Forcivity, is our Runner-Up in the 2016 FlatleyChallenge in the hitech category. They were awarded free office space for the year @ Gateway Hills.

Yaris continues, “It’s a pretty good deal, especially for a startup. It’s a lot of money we get to save.” - Nashua Telegraph

We look forward to hearing more about the successes of this startup company.

Read the article here
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