Friday, March 17, 2017

A Week of Bracing

Gateway Hills Restaurant Update

March 13 - March 17

Despite blizzard conditions this past week, we have continued to make a lot of progress on our restaurant site @ Gateway Hills. This week a lot of interior work was completed including Truss Bracing, Diagonal Bracing, and Strapping Installation.
While we were 'bracing' the snow storm,
we were also 'bracing' the Restaurant.

Here's an update on what was completed this week:

Installation of lateral/continuous truss bracing along bottom truss chords. Northeast quadrant: continuous lateral truss bracing complete.

One continuous run of lateral bracing remains in front-half of restaurant.

Southeast quadrant: continuous lateral truss bracing complete.

Front half of building: continuous diagonal bracing installed in zigzag pattern along tops of bottom truss chords.

Front half of building: Strapping installation in progress.

Front half of building – strapping installation complete.

Northwest wall: headers at storefront openings framed down to correct rough opening dimensions.

We are still looking for a restaurant operator for this 7,500 SF restaurant space for lease. If you know someone looking to open in a new location, call us today: 603-598-7500!

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