Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Walls Installed

BIG progress here @ Gateway Hills!

We are still looking for a restaurant operator for this 7,500 SF restaurant space for lease.

A crane can be seen lowering roof trusses in place. Carpenters will set and secure these trusses to the top plate of the exterior walls and the bearing plate on top of the steel beam.
 South-east wall (opposite patio): All sheathing completed.
 North-east wall: All 51 trusses on rear-half of building have been set. Bracing is seen in zig-zag pattern across side of trusses.
 North-west wall: View of patio-side of restaurant. Horizontal blocking has been installed in preparation fro installation of sheathing.
Interior of Northeast wall: Horizontal blocking installed at sheathing joints & top of trusses.

South-western wall (front entrance): 23 of 51 roof trusses on front-half of building have been installed.

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