Friday, March 10, 2017

All in a Week's Work

Restaurant Progress 3/6-3/10

If you have driven by Gateway Hills this week, it's clear to see that a lot of progress has been made to our Restaurant Site. It is starting to look more like a restaurant each day!
Here's an update on what was completed this week:

 North east quadrant: The roof sheathing installation is now complete.

The Southwest wall is completing its framing and sheathing of parapet above main entryway.

Here, you can see hurricane ties connecting bottom truss chords to top plates of exterior walls.

 Looking at northern half of building, there has been Zip Tape installed along seams of sheathing.

Southwest wall: The parapet, sheathing, and cornice are complete!

Looking closely, you can see the fastened top and bottom chords of end-trusses to wall studs @ every stud using SDS screws.

Light poles installed in the parking lot this week.

Roadway signage is up!! Be sure to drive by and check it out! If you know someone looking to open in a new location, call us today: 603-598-7500!

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