Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Foundation for Success

Brand New Restaurant Space Underway at Gateway Hills
7,500 SF Available For Lease. Exit 1 Nashua, NH
As we undergo construction, we are excited to share our progress photos while we continue to develop this space:

Laying down the ground work. Conveniently located off Exit 1 and Spit Brook Road at the entrance to Gateway Hills, this site allows for quick accessibility to the highway while maintaining a serene, scenic environment. This location is ideal for a brand new restaurant.
Site work underway, actively working to create our envisioned plan for this space.


An aerial image of the restaurant space, as the parking lot is paved and the foundation excavation is complete and ready for concrete.


The forms for the foundation footings are being installed. Re-bar will be installed prior to concrete being poured. After pouring concrete, all 350 linear feet of footings had to be covered with insulating frost blankets to make sure that the concrete did not freeze. Freezing temperatures will stop the curing process.

A worker is seen stripping the forms from the foundation footings. The re-bar seen sticking out of the footings will help secure the foundation frost walls to the footings.
The forms are being installed for the foundation walls. This is almost starting to look like a building!
The walls are all done. The anchor bolts that you see along the top of the foundation walls will be used to hold the exterior walls onto the foundation.
The structural steel is up, next step- framing!
Temporary power is installed on site in preparation for framing.

Continue to follow our progress as we implement our construction plans.

Located directly off Split Brook Road at the entrance to Gateway Hills. This restaurant building is situated in a scenic environment with 151 exclusive parking spaces and an area to accommodate outdoor seating. It is located within one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Southern NH and only a quarter mile from the NH/MA border.  Gateway hills is home to more than 60 world class companies and over 3,500 people living and working here on a daily basis. Directly adjacent to Tara Commons Retail Center, we are looking for a restaurant to join our growing live work play lifestyle community
Can you picture your Restaurant here? Contact Michael Zieja for more information: 603.598.7500

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