Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“Part of our city that we’re very proud of…”

5th Annual Flatley Challenge winners awarded

Last Wednesday, Gateway Hills hosted the Flatley Challenge Awards Ceremony, where the winners and runners-up of the startup companies in the BioTech and HiTech categories were awarded. An article by The Telegraph was recently posted, honoring the winners of the challenge.

XenoTherapeutics CEO, Paul Holzer said,

“I know that there are people in this room who have tried to go from zero to one, and I’m sure you can share in how hard it is to do just that, and it is impossible to get from zero to one without the support, the generosity and the vision of people like Mr. Flatley.” -Nashua Telegraph
From left to right: Bo Overschmidt, Krysta Moulton, Paul Holzer and Nick Tsimortos.

Originated by Mr. John Flatley himself, the contest has just completed its 5th year. “I saw a need for startups in New Hampshire to be given a chance to succeed,” Flatley said. The Flatley Company supports entrepreneurs and purposefully designed this competition to assist the emerging businesses in the technology and science fields, allowing Nashua to prosper in its reputation of innovation. “One way to do this, from my perspective, was to provide promising companies free incubation space and a small monetary incentive. As part of the Nashua community, I wanted to do what I could as a property owner to help promote and grow employment in New Hampshire.”

Major Jim Donchess added that the Nashua Technology Park @GatewayHills is a “part of the city that we’re very proud of”. He continued, “[praising] owner John Flatley for attracting many growing young businesses to the space.” -Nashua Telegraph

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