Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Getting Closer to Breaking Ground in Merrimack

We are getting closer to breaking ground in Merrimack! The Union Leader recently previewed the development plans for Merrimack Commerce Park in the article "Nearly all permits in place for large, mixed-use project in Merrimack".

The Union Leader lists Kevin Walker of The John Flatley Company's description of the plans, saying, the future residences are going to be upscale apartments that ideally will attract retail. The plan is to build five residential buildings of one- and two-bedroom garden-style apartments. A pool, tennis courts and clubhouse are in the development plans as well. Once completed, this space will hold 240 apartments, 300,000 SF of retail space and 120,000 SF of industrial space.

Exciting developments to be underway soon! With nearly all permits to start the mixed-use project, we are close to breaking ground! The style of the new developments will be similar to the apartments at Nashua’s Tara Heights.

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