Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Patching Pavement & Planting" at Restaurant Site, Gateway Hills

Gateway Hills Restaurant Update

May 15-May 26, 2017

Restaurant Progress underway @ Gateway Hills. See the last two weeks of updates at +Gateway Hills Bar & Grill.

May 15-19
  • Setting forms for sidewalks & dumpster pad.
  • Installing metal mesh reinforcement, pouring concrete, shaping edges & control joints.
  • Installing ADA warning plates @ handicap ramp.

  • Cutting-in of electrical service.
  • Rough install of fire alarm panel box, pull stations, photocell for site lighting.

  • Removing forms & cleanup.
  • Screening loam
  • Backfilling & compacting bank run gravels around walkways.

  • Patching pavement binder at trench locations & walkways.
  • Installing cape cod berm around property.
  • Installing remaining loam.
  • Installing fabric on slope of pond.
  • Installing remaining irrigation stone for rip-rap & check dam.

  •   Planting trees & bushes.

May 22-26
  • Planting trees & bushes.
  • Installing mulch in garden beds.


  • Installing 800 Amp. Panel & breakers.
  • Connecting secondaries to transformer.
  • Installing electric meter.

  • Installing steel I-beam posts for guardrail.

We are still looking for a restaurant operator for this 7,500 SF restaurant space for lease. If you know someone looking to open in a new location, call us today: 603-598-7500!Want to know more?
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